Wednesday, November 11, 2009

its all in the socks

some of you may remember a post from earlier this year titled the best socks ever. i showed my american classic socks, and talked about how awesome i thought they were. everything in that post was a lie...i thought those socks made me fast but they certainly did not. the beginning of the year was decent to me i had some decent results and everything was going well. at the world qualifiers i had a bittersweet race where a one nathan brown won. i noticed he was wearing some cool socks...they were tall (obviously) and black and didnt appear to be cycling socks, just like dress socks or something. when i got home distraught about my performance in the road race i sat down to find the solution to my problems and i remembered nate's socks. immediately i went rifling through my moms sock drawer and found some tall black dress socks that fit the ticket. i wanted to see how they worked for me.

well long story short they rocked. i wore them in every big race the rest of the year and the socks never failed to deliver. everytime i wore the socks i was on a good ride, digging deeper than normal and going faster than usual. the socks are responsible for pretty much all my good results in 2009. i thought the american classic socks were lucky but these socks are truly lucky. if you see me at race and it appears im not riding well, do me one favor, look down at the socks and all questions will be answered. to nathan brown i say thank you for inspiring the birth of my lucky socks.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

just kidding

alright yesterday i thought everything was set in stone for 2010 but actually things are very much still up in the air...more news later perhaps, or maybe like 10 years later...we'll see

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Times a changin

Ok nothing is really changing but i liked that title and just kinda had to use it. Well some stuff is the way i think im gonna make this an epic post cuz its been awhile and im tryin to make an epic post. soo first official change = no more juniors, this was the last year as a junior, which is cool, but at the same time sad...i had a blast racing juniors these past years it all started in 2003 when i was 12 and ive loved it since. little evidence im not a junior anymore though as im still riding on a normal 52x14, i don't have any senior gears, i think im getting some soon. having a blast out here in boulder, iwas feeling kinda shit on the bike, but these past three weeks ive been coming around and feeling pretty good, which is good cuz the training is going to start ramping up probably pretty soon. The weekend of october 17 and 18 mom, dad, avery, and pop pop came out. it was a blast! it was dad's 50th birthday which was something pretty epic, i thought he was only 34 or so?! i had a great time and got out for a ride with Avery which was sweet, we did an epic ride up left hand to lee hill, which was a total of about 8 miles of climbing, not bad for your first day at altitude, and he still was outsprinting me!!! but i guess thats not saying much. sooo 2009 is pretty much totally in the books, unless your racing cross, it was pretty ballin, but the buzz now is all about 2010. Everyone is amped on team changes and what not, ive been checking that gamjams directories and it seems like there is some shifting going around locally and what not. theres a couple new pro teams on the domestic scene which is interesting, fair amount of neo pros and fair amount of guys shifting on teams on the nrc. they released the nrc for 2010 which looks pretty badass, theres some good races, and some good local stuff. one i noticed is the richmond twilight crit, which i heard is the captech course which is supposed to be super hard, hopefully ill be able to do that race. i had a bit of decisions to make for 2010, i was looking around at some team opportunities checking it all out as everyone does. at the 13th hour i had an opportunity to sign with a uci continental team for 2010 which at first i was pretty excited about. i was stressing out trying to figure what to do, but sue hefler is a very wise lady and like she says often it all sorts itself the end of the day the decision was very clear. i decided not to sign with the pro team as it just wasnt the right move. in 2010 ill be racing with the kelly amateur team again, and be fortunate enough to spend some time in europe with the u23 national team. for now this was just the best step and im super excited for 2010. kelly has a few new guys and i think its going to be the most fun and strongest team ive ever been on for sure. i hope everything is going well with people at home....ill be home nov. 21-29 so im sure ill see a lot of people out riding around. im already planning an assault on the 10am on sat. nov a ton of people shoudl come so it can be lots of fun. everyone should leave comments on my blog letting me know what they're doing and just any comments in general! now for some pictures:

Carter Lake Reservoir
very nice 4 hr ride out to carter lake, theres tons of reservoirs out here cuz its so dry, this is a cool one atop a little climb, had a great ride this day, did some good intervals and all was good.

Avery on after dominating Lee Hill Rd. with the mountains in the background, about to rip the descent...where he hit 54mph!!!!
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