Sunday, November 7, 2010


well its been a little while...i guess i was waiting for enough interesting stuff to happen to have something to write about. since i last wrote ive gone through the pursuit of a couple different sports. i ended my very non-lucrative career as a mtb'er, mainly due to a surplus of suckage. after that i thought i was a triathlete for a little bit. not wanting to end my season in mid september i decided to do a triathlon in mid october. so i trained for that for a bit, only to find out i was a road bike racer once again, that ended my career as a triathlete before it even started...too bad, it could've been great. like i said i had been kind of transitioning into the offseason when i got the opportunity to go race a 12 day stage race in guatemala, tour of guatemala, with the us national team. at the time my form was definitely not quite grand tour winning, and my daily ice cream consumption was bordering on dangerous...however i couldnt afford to pass the opportunity up. i got my train on pretty hard for two weeks then i headed south on an airplane. the race was hard. it was a lot of fun. doing a 12 day stage race at the end of october was definitely an experience. there was a lot of climbing, i had some good days some bad days, i was pretty sick most of the time down there with a cold but it wasn't bothering me too much. my teammate robbie was going pretty well and got a real solid 12th overall. the colombian teams were super good, the guy that one the overall is riding for geox pro tour team next year i think. now im back in boulder at school, im pretty behind in school but im trying to get back on terms with the work and taking a little break at the same time. im getting antsy though, i feel so lazy not riding. yesterday i did like a 6mile walk and that made me feel a little better about my lack of exertion, plus it's better than studying! im eager to get training again as it feels like most guys out here are starting to ramp it up and are getting underway getting fast for next year.

with regards for next year i'll be riding for a new team. i'll be riding for cal-giant cycling, the two years with kelly has been awesome, but part of the transition i want to make is to living more out in boulder and getting more support to do bigger stage races. that is something cal giant provides. theres a lot of great guys onthe team and im really looking forward to learning from them. ill be leaving out in boulder through the summer, i'll be home for sure to do some east coast races and go to u23 nationals in augusta. also there seems to be some confusion on the internet, im not sure how me riding for cal giant got on gamjams as i really hadnt told many people...but to clear up any confusion they are an amateur team. they have a lot of support, and it is the most professionally run program i have been a part of, but they are not a uci team. hopefully though between them and hopefully racing with the national team in europe i can get to a lot of hard races, and maybe even be fast at one of them!