Sunday, January 17, 2010

playing for keeps

im not sure what that means exactly, maybe it can mean different things, whatever it means im doing it in 2010...5hrs with lots of climbing today, good ride with a damn good rider, hoping for big things...playing for keeps

ive got some big goals in mind for this year, but i dont want to say them out loud quite yet, feels like i might jinx them, or maybe i just dont have full confidence in myself to get there yet but i think its coming, either way in 2010 we're playing for keeps

Sunday, January 10, 2010

wrapping up tucson, going to boulder

where did i leave off, lets see i want to cover the rest of tucson till now, today im leaving heading back to boulder...actually im sitting in the tucson airport right now...they have free wifi pretty sweet...denver has free wifi but it doesnt work very going to take a writing pause to look back at my last post and see where i left off............................
ok so inspection shows i last wrote about last weekends riding...quick summary:

monday did a 2.5hr recovery day (i know long for a recovery day, but good to get some xtra volume in the sun before heading backk to cold)....we rode out to the saguaro national park which has this really fun 8 mile loop, one way traffic only, its really cool all up and down and twisty

tuesday...well i didnt have that good a day on tuesday...did some work on mt lemmon but didnt go that well...onto wednesday

wednesday was a sweet ride, 6hrs with kevin, steven, russ, and COACH SUE! We rode all the way out to a tiny town sonoita which is not far from the mexico border...sue rode tough and made it all the way with us, close to 120miles total...if she ever decides she wants to race masters natinoals those ladies better watch out

thursday, rode on mt lemmon again, lots of work done on mt lemmon this trip, very convenient and very good place to train

friday, rest day 1.5hrs rode with some cool people

saturday, was my last day riding, did the shootout which is a lot of fun. again 6hrs including madera canyon, lotta fast peple, more than last week, legs felt really good, i had an awesome climb going up madera canyon, except i got beat by a fat kid...i wish i was staying in tucson just to do this ride...a lot different from most group rides in that you can ride 6hrs with some of th best guys in the country learn a lot, and ive gotten some good contacts and attention just from doign this ride twice this break

well thats my finish to tucson, today im flying back...its been great, had an awesome block of training, close to 60hrs for the 15 days i was here...including not riding today. i wish i was staying down in tucson to march, like a lot of the guys down there...just livin the dream...but for now i need to focus on school, maybe next sppring will be something a little different

the weather forecast actually looks pretty good for boulder right now, highs over 40 every day...for the next 10 days at least...and two days over 50, so prob taking a pretty ez training week, but then keeping it going and get steam rolling for this season

still looking for a team for redlands...if not ill be home for jeff cup

Monday, January 4, 2010

good weekend

had a good weekend of training here in the tucson sun. everything is going pretty well, im in my 2nd week of hte lbock here heading back to boulder on sunday. this past saturday me, kevin, and steven did the infamous shootout. its a fun group ride that starts from the university, usually prety fast and a lot of people, this week was no different. i was on a good day and had a great ride, it was one of my best days here, 6hrs total, with some good people, me and kevin took a longer route to add in a sweet climb...madera canyon. gord fraser was on the ride, he may be retired and "only" a director, but he is a beast, he won the sprint at the end and was dusting everyone the whole ride. ive always wanted to meet him and when i was riding next to him at one point i had to confess to him that pro which hes in is my favorite movie for cycling ever. it was pretty sweet moment for me. sunday we rode on mt lemmon. im having a blast out here its great. tomorrow doing quite a hard day...going to be doing a bit of a test of sorts, should be interesting well see how it goes.