Sunday, September 27, 2009

rolling along

everything is rolling along out here just fine. im going through some frustrating bike racing stuff, trying not to worry about it too much...but im pretty bad at that. some of these past days ive been pretty pissed, but everything is rolling along just fine, hopefully i get through this stuff pretty soon, without making anyone to mad or thinking i'm crazy. where i am right now for next season is making it easy to get annoyed about some races this past year, like wish i had gone jsut a little bit harder, but cant change that now.

but school is helping keep my mind off it for the time being, all that is enjoyable. unfortunately this past friday i came down with a bit of a cold, starting to get better i think, not seriously sick or anything just congested a bit under the weather, took friday and saturday off gonna get out for an ez ride today.

third paragraph--i was thinking about maybe making this blog like an in depth record of my training, for people to read---if you would like this leave a comment. cuz i think it might be cool, but also part of me thinks it would be really stupid

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

back in the day (yesterday)

i used to think i was a climber, turns out i was wrong

i stepped on the scale today, and weighed in at 143 pounds and about 20,0000 percent body fat, apparently i've really taken the off season with a vengeance

i used to think i was a climber, but really im just a fat ass sprinter...with a really bad sprint, i dont know what that makes me?

if anyone wants to drop me on some climbs at like 150w, just fly out here to boulder and have your way with me in the mountains, i will get dominated guaranteed

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i love bike racing

i love bike racing...what can i say its just really awesome

i dont what is prompting this but on my ride yesterday i was listening to soome jamming tunes, the son was out, i was just rolling along and i couldnt stop smiling, i jstu was thinking about the season and all the seasons since ive started, and i wouldnt change a single thing in any of them

i started racing in 2003 and its been great, i dont know what i wouldve done these past years wihtout bike racing, its just such an incredible sport

this year was really great i had a blast, i had a lot of fun at a lot of races...the thing for me about bike racing is i have fun at every single race i do, i can't even think of one race where i wish i hadn't done it, there are some races i am unhappy about at the time, but honestly they're all great.  this year i did 56 races or so, i've done over 50 each of the past 3 years, i wish i could do more, i wish i could race year round, even if it meant doing terrible because i'd be soo burnt out.  i can wait and i hope ther eis a day where i can do up to 100 days of racing in a year.  this year 18 days of my racing came in july, that was a tough month, might've been the most fun month, certainly had the most big races with, fitchburg, red river, cascade and natz...and even hagerstown squeezed in

to get through the season i always need a little extra motivation, music always helps me with this, this season the song of the year was definitely colbie caillat's bubbly.  some people may think it's girly music but it gets me in the freaking zone...put this song on loop for 45' and when i got into the start house for a tt im always ready to tear some legs off, i just love it:

and a special shout out for steven kendall, he hooked my on a new colbie song, fallin' for you:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

im crying a lot

horner crashed out of the vuelta, im pretty bummed

hes my favorite pro rider by a longshot and i was super pumped cuz he was gonna be gc leader at the vuelta for astana and probably win by like 8--0000000 minutes.  oh well cest la vie right?!
for any horner fans, or people that have any moderate taste in the arts at all i have to highly recommend the documentary far the best movie ever, it pumps me up a lot, about the philly race hopefully one day i can do this race cuz the movie makes it one of my favorite races the movie horner attacks the wall lap 10 to bottom to top, he should've won but michael barry was a jerk and ruined it, that jjerk fred rodriguez won i cant believe he denied horner victory..."horner has one almost every major race in North America, but the stars and stripes jersey has always eluded him" straight from the movie, i've watched it, being honest somewhere betweent 120-200 times.  if you want to be a beast like chris horner watch this move, thats why i watch it because i want to be a beast by chris horner

i did a fun group ride with the collegiate team gonna go mtb'ing on thurs, no i wont be racing any cross...i dont have room to have my tt bike and cx bike out here and i want my tt bike so i can work on being a tt monster over the winter, we're talking sub hour for a 40k