Thursday, December 31, 2009


tough day today...ouch...hopefully big payoff later start of a lot of years eve...time to set some goals for 2010...maybe day tomorrow...dial it back to 350 watts...jeff brandon style

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

good day on the mountain

good day of training today, it was in the 60's and very sunny! kevin, steven, and i headed for mt lemmon. we had an awesome climb up to mile 20, very tight and rolled straight up the mountain...looking good for a good u23 trio for next year, hopefully a good little squad for u23 natz that can a spring a big one on the teams like trek and garmin. i felt quite good today, we rolled up to mile20 then descended and i went back up to mile 10 on my own, a good 5hr day all up. Form is coming along it feels like, had a pretty bad training week while i was home for xmas but now ive been feeling stronger every day, so getting some confidecne and feeling good. even had a decent power test...but this is getting boring with all this talk of training. saw a lot of beasts on the mountain day...i think im gonna try for a pretty big effort tomorrow, we'll see how that i thought i was gonna stop talking about training like two sentences ago...i suck. heres a picture of the three of us at mile 15. dangeruss gets here on friday and then we'll have a perfect group of four for training (had to avoid saying foursome). maybe do the shootout on saturday thats the big group ride out here lots of people, lots of watts...might be fun but might skip it as it can get kind of sketch and chaotic with sometimes over 100 people.

Monday, December 28, 2009

75th anniversary

yesterday had a pretty good 5hrs legs didnt feel incredible but getting some volume into the legs so that is good. today did a pretty easy 3hrs on mt lemmon. weather is nice, it was cloudy today but still upper 50's so very easy to do the excuses out here for not doing the work. tmorrow im doing a bit of a powertest shoudl be pretty good i hope, not sure what kinda number i can do...hopefully its over 200 watts or i might be pretty devastated. upcoming weather forecast looks very nice, hoping to do the shootout on saturday should be pretty good. well not much to talk about i dont know what i started writing about on this blog when i started it i feel a lack of material right now. well heres one more thing. ill throw this out here in case anyone can help. im hoping to race redlands in march...its pro/1 but team entry and invite only...lsv is not going so i am looking for a team to ride for. if anyone has any contacts/leads let me know id be happy to send my race resume along and talk. send me an email at

Sunday, December 27, 2009

tuck son

so i left yesterday for tucson az after a really nice christmas at home. i have the privilege of being here till january 10th, until i return to boulder for the spring semester. my blog hasnt been very frequent lately so im going to try and update everyday im in tucson. yesterday i landed about 11, got to the condo at sabino canyon a bit later, and was able to get out for a 2hr or so ride. im sharing a house with kevin gottlieb, steven black, and russ brown. we are very close to mt ltemmon, nice climb in thearea..very long. rode up to just mile 7 yesterday and back to the place. today im going for a longer ride, outtowards helmet peak and mission road

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

deep thoughts in the mountains

it was a really nice day in boulder today after having a good amount of snow for a couple weeks, this week the sun came out and a lot of snow melted. today was pretty warm, got over 50 down in boulder. it was really nice and i got to head up into the mountains. i was rolling up a nice long climb out of lyons, it was pretty windy and there wasn't anyone around. alright warning, this is gonna get a little cheesy but i love cheesy jsut ask the i was rolling up this climb feeling pretty good, ya know workin shit out on the side of a mountain...and im listening to my ipod, when to my embarassment this song comes on...boulevard of broken dreams by green day. the song started and i was like damn this is embarassing, i wish i could change it but its under my jacket...and then the lyrics come, the first part is:

i walk a lonely road
the only road that i have ever known
don't know where it goes
but it's only me to me and i walk alone

and then i was listening to it and i couldn't help but feel like it went along well with how everything was going for me, i was just out training in the mountains alone, lately im pretty unsure where im gonna get with every time i think i know, my shit gets completely flipped...and for those three minutes that that weak song was playing i felt like a hard man...then the next song was some jamming 80's stuff that reminded me of this:

So that was sweet too...well thats gonna have to end the post, but if i were you i would probably
make fun of me for this if you see me in the future, so if you do so i understand

Friday, December 4, 2009


what uppp...we got a big dump of snow in boulder on wednesday...its melting slowly it should be good to get outside this weekend, i did do some epic trainer training though during the week...ya know nothing to crazy i did like 4hrs steady on wednesday and 3hrs with 3x20' on thursday.

offseason break is pretty much over, and about 3 weeks ago i started the first real training to start getting ready for 2010, which is exciting i guess...looking forward to next year for racing should be good...everything is nailed down now so that is nice. school is going well, it's actually really chill right now, i have a few finals in about a week, but most of my assignments, papaers, etc are all behind me now. i fly home on dec 18 which will be nice, it is a very quick period between thxgiving and xmas at home till dec 26 then i fly to tucson, lucky enough to be spending two weeks there to get in some good training...renting a house with russ brown, steven black, and kevin gottlieb it should be a blast! matt cooke told me his best time up to windy point on mt lemmon was 54 minutes so im gonna at least half to halve that...also ive pretty much got the race schedule for 2010 planned out, i'll basically be racing by myself through the end of april since ill be out west, but then come back and race the rest of the year with the team...planning on some good events....rough outline of the schedule looks like this:

-some collegiate
-maybe valley of the sun
-some more collegiate
-san dimas
-redlands (if i can find a team to ride for since its team entry only and kelly isn't going)
-maybe a little more collegiate
-some local CO races
-finish gila
-bear mountain
-crits on east coast (wilm, kelly, basking ridge, maybe somerville)
-some mo crits (r-mond, csc...hopefully pro race and airforce)
-elite and u23 nationals
-page valley
-green mtn...if i can swing it with school

and then basically over