Monday, September 19, 2011

blogging is more fun than homework, maybe

It has been a little while since I lasted smashed the keys of my keyboard in pursuit of blogging glory. I'm not sure has been the cause for this dry spell, but I do know that as I stare down a couple hundred pages of reading I should do about 4th century English history, blogging glory has sudden become a noble pursuit again.

Of course after such a brilliant set up, I really have nothing worth while to write about, so I suppose I'll just go with the cliche summary blog. I last updated on July 11th, since then life has been pretty usual, bike racing among other time wasting activities.

I did Cascade which so so, could've been better as usual, also could've been worse...which isn't always as usual, so that is a plus I suppose. After Cascade I was taken in by the Huffman family as Evan and I chased the prestigious Cal Cup all over Northern California for a few weeks. It was a fun chase, unfortunately I had to abandon the race early as school beckoned, meanwhile Evan finished off the job and won the Cal Cup overall, while I slipped to 8th after bailing on the NorCal scene. The tradeoff is that I live on my own and go to school, while Evan doesn't go to school and lives with his parents. If some confused readers think I have come out ahead in this tradeoff, they clearly do not understand the prestige of the Cal Cup racing series!

Since then it's just been books, college, and the occasional stab at maintaining some fitness by getting lit up in Boulder city limit sprints by mountain bikers and triathletes.

But, yes everything has been going pretty well, I'm actually the most fired up about school I have been since I started college. I think taking a semester off this Spring to race was good for both my racing and my school, as I'm really refreshed on school now. It might've honestly been better for my school than my racing, as I can't say my racing necessarily profited that much.

For the meantime I've got some prestigious B category collegiate mountain bike invitation only races in the cue for the next few weeks, followed by a little break. Then of course the inevitable return to an unnecessary seriousness about the mediocrity of my cycling, which will likely result in an embarrassingly large drop in social activity, academic merit, and just general well being. But maybe I'll get lucky and my FTP will increase 10 watts!

Well that is all for now, it is official I guess that my season is over now and I must say it is a bit disappointing. For the first time in a couple years, I don't feel totally burnt this time of year. I can honestly say there was another couple chances to have a stab at it, but it's ok, the Gateway ride starts up in a couple months and surely that will allow enough chances to chase the glory! Ok, I'm really done this time!