Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A 2012 Racing Review in Photos

I was recently perusing the web in an indulgence of my own vanity, looking through all the pictures I could find of myself from this past year.  It was a truly enjoyable time, as I can't deny loving the look of  my lean self giving it a little bit of stick.

I figured I can't just save all the pleasurable viewing for myself, so I've assembled a small homage to my own personal ego below, for my 2.78 readers' enjoyment.

There is nothing I specialize in more than going solo in early season, office park, training crits.
But if there is one thing I specialize in almost as much, it is flat, windy season opener road races.  Staz and I started the season off right in this one, and it was too much fun not to commemorate.
In what would prove to be a theme for the year, Huffman did this in the TT at Merco.  The selfish bastard cost me a hundred bucks with his win.
And then to add insult to injury he wanted us to ride the front in the crit.
This one is from the first stage of Gila, super easy and then super hard, never in between.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't proud of this one.  Not necessarily the result I was hoping for, but at least I was in the right spot at one point in the race.
GK and I were on a bit of a day at the Iron Horse crit, can't say the same for the TT though.
Hood could've been worse.
Hood could've been worse for sure.
This might be my favorite picture of the whole season actually.  The kid that won, while he looks all of 10, is a stout 19.  He's a major hitter, and is gonna win everything with a hill or without in due time.  He'll never admit but he's my protege.
It's a major treat to come race at home, especially a Joe Jefferson race.  I don't think I've met another announcer that compares.  Ryan, Josh, Keck thanks for making it a race.
Like I said, in what would prove to be a theme for the year.  Hats off to you Huffman.
Aosta was the coolest and most beautiful race I've ever done.  It also has some climbs.

 It was a privilege to be part of the l'Avenir team.  Four of the guys from the team are going pro and it was clear at this race why.  I was lucky enough to make into the break one day, and I'm not gonna lie it was horrible.  Everyone in that race is a little bit motivated, and I left my main motivation back in the Folsom office park in the first picture.

All in all this year was a blast.  The teammates were great, most fun group of guys I could ever imagine to hang out with, at a race or not.  The races weren't so bad themselves, from time to time.  But yeah, here's to closing the door on the 2012 season and almost ready to open the door on 2013.  But first a few more 40's and bowls of ice cream.  In case you were still undecided GQ is saying a 40 of Mickey's is the 2012 "class on class" drink of choice.