Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some vids ive been watching to get pumped for gila

First off...gotta kick it off with some party in the usa, cant say no to that...

Next...a classic to get nice and focused in the zone...

then...this is relatively throwback, but what can i say it gets me in the zone and real serious feeling...

finally to ensure complete domination gotta get a song with some nice feel to it and get a nice tempo going

last and probably least i like to watch this versus commercial...its so cheesy and cliched but i dunno it still makes me feel ready to race the big stuff...the whole underdog sentiment

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Its been a few years in the making but one thing has never changed, those fresh black socks, i had that one figured out from the beginning.

everything has been going well, im feeling good and motivated now and it is really starting to feel like the season is underway even though i havent race yet...i guess it is because the fitness is starting to come around a little. its only 18 days till gila and i really feel like i can target this one...i am really looking forward to it, its a good opportunity...well just have to see what happens. but the training has been going well i think, ive ramped up the volume to just under 35hrs per week so im feeling good about that...hopefully pays big dividends. this next month is going to be very stressful though, two more weeks of class where i need to buckle down and not screw up, then i go to gila come back and do finals then go to college nationals and then finally go home, its been awhile! since december 26th! looking forward to seeing everybody.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

“You must keep your head clear and know how to suffer like a man.”

-Ernest Hemingway
I read this quite on a buddy's blog...i like it. its simple and makes sense, seems like a good thing to keep in mind in cycling. the next few weeks of training are hopefully going to be a big push into the next big race at gila...im hoping to be riding for a lot more than survival at gila, we'll see...just try to keep this quote in mind and it should help