Monday, June 29, 2009


fun race!  i was nervous cuz it was raining while me and blair were riding out and i really didnt wanna do it in the rain, but by the time we raced dit was all dry

blair and i were the only lsv guys there, so it was kinda exciting, normally this race seems to split more or win in a breakaway so we were very aggressive covering moves...nothing really got too much ground tho, ended in a field sprint which we didnt fare too well in...dave fuentes won, the picture looks like he dominated everyonee as well, thats a tough sprint...but then agiain i think every sprint is tough

im leaving tomorrow for fitchburg, very excited for the jrs race...hopefully good legs, they took out mt wachuset so im interested to see how the race plays out now, definitely be riding for a break in the rr...also toying with softpedaling the tt to stay fresh and just go for the points jersey....thoughts?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

washingotn county stage 2 and 3

stage 2 was the boonsboro 20k tt...not much to say...jacob had a great ride 4th on the stage (26:29 I think) to move into 1st overall in GC.  Pete cannell won...25:02 IT hink, hes pretty fast ive decided...i figured i would be able to hold 2.5min gap on him, but i was wrong...i rode 27:36 and dropped into 4th GC, but held off frick, etc.  I wasnt thrilled with my tt wasnt bummed, still top 5 on gc so that most important, thats nice part to time GC vs. points.

stage 3, williamsport crit...ive raced this crit 3 times now i think, turning into one of my favorite courses...i really llike courses like this, reston, etc.  Tough, technical, fun!  we went in to protect jacob's lead since he had only 11s over chuck.  It came out well, Ryan Mckinney and Nick Bax rode away from the field to secure 1-2 it was good for us because it ate up the time bonuses.  Cannell didnt start the crit, so I moved up into 3rd to finish the stage race, I was a little bummed cuz I only would've been like 10-15s behind him going in, so I would've liked to battle for it, but this was easier I suppose.  I finished 11th on the stage.

This was a big race for us as a team I think, obviously big winning the GC, but also stacking the GC, we had 1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, not too bad! 

I'm in boulder, co right now for college orientation and it is sweet, killing me tho seeing the mountains and not having my bike, think were going to go hike tomorrow tho, even tho i hate walking...but it'll be nice to be in the mountains.  I fly back Saturday, will miss poolesville, but ill be at reston and I am pumped I like that race and last one before fitchburg!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

washington county stage 1

today was the first stage of tour of washington county, it was pretty fun...we did 10 laps of the smithsburg rr.  the field was pretty big with all the normal local guys...except for only 3 harley guys so that was kinda different.  it was absolutely pouring when our race started...the first lap i couldnt see anything i had to take off my glasses cuz they were getting fogged up, and it was really freaking me out.  there was a fair amount of attacking...blair was going at it alot, i kept trying to get in a move...moslty just cuz i was super scared in the pack with all the rain and jsut wanted to get off the the end of the first lap my teammate jacob was off the front, chuck on harley attacked and i got on his wheel and we went across very quickly, the three of us started rotating, and i think in all the chaos the field shut down a bit, we got a pretty big gap pretty quick.  for a while there was a group of 3 ~30s back but they never made it up...we just kept rotating the whole time and eventually the gap went out pretty big to like 3'.  i felt pretty good, but it was tough...jacob was riding really good.  we let it come down to a sprint among the three of us, chuck beat jacob and i got 3rd gapped off like 10s the field came through i think another 2:30 or soo.  So it was a good day for kelly and good day for myself...jacob is an excelllent tter so hopefully he can move into the lead and hopefully i can hold off the firepower behind me.  on maybe the 5th lap or so i saw chris kelley out on the course in her car and she cheered that was cool!  i think jeff b finished pretty high up in the field sprint, so its looking good for gc.

20k tt tomorrow and then crit inthe afternoon...the crit has a lot of time bonuses so that should be interesting.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sweet ride

got out for a little spin this morning...and decided to ride somewhere i dont normally ride...the toepath next to the canal.  Its pretty sweet cuz you can ride on it for who knows how long without
any interruptions, and its nice and flat perfect for recovery rides.  i got on the path at chainbridge
and rode it out to great falls, it was pretty sweet once you get a few miles away from dc, you start getting some really nice views of the river, and past carter rock the canal kinda ends or something and theres this big nice lake thing with rocks, i took a picture of the river from a little bridge, there was this awesome ragin got me pretty pumped so i took a picture, yeah!

then i just rode on the roads back in, but it was a nice little 1.5 hr i wanna do more training on the seems perfect for endurance miles.

its kinda nasty out seems soo rainy lately, like 80% of the past 3 weeks its been rain im guessing it feels so rainy, very annoying...but its been nice on the weekends, hopefully it doesnt rain this weekend for tour of washington county

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


pretty fun weekend of racing, this past saturday/sunday..kind of

saturday i did the church creek tt...did the jr race 20k, pretty nice course...very flat.  i felt pretty good, feeling solid on the tt bike...did the 20k to keep prepping for natz where for jrs its always 20k.  would've preferred to have gone and done the rr in pa that day, but i wanna keep improving my tting to hopefully have a good ride in the next few tts...ive got the washington county this weekend, then after that fitchburg, then the red river gorge, then nationals...had a solid ride in tn and felt good on saturday so hopefully it keeps improving and i win nationals by 18 minutes in the tt.

sunday was murad rr.  wasnt that thrilled with how i rode, but it was a fun race, blair was in that break that went right away with i guess dave fuentes and a richmond guy.  once it came back it was just a lot of attacking till the end...i had a good time being pretty agressive but nothing really got any ground in the last few laps, i had a good go the last time up partnership and had a decent gap but then got brought back on river, luckily the nortonian war machine pulled it all together and got 4th in the downhill field sprint...his specialty.

i havent seen resutls any where from murad yet...doesn anyone know where they are i kinda wanna know what place i got, even tho it doesnt really matter, since i was just in the bunch not top 10 but id like to see.

if i havent mentioned it going to kentuky about a week after fitchburg for a sweet jr stage race down there, it is 4 days 5 stages i think it is uci so a lot of good teams from US and abroad.  i am on a composite team...4 mabra guys then 2 guys from colorado, we have a pretty good team i think, and will hopefully crush some is:
-steven black
-kevin gottlieb
-stephen koelbl
-robin eckmann
-andrew barker

i think one of the stages for sure has a lot of climbing in it...hopefully i can go well...the winner of the gc gets an auto bid for the worlds team so def gonna have to do that

Thursday, June 11, 2009

be going

thats right things be going

this week has been kinda annoying with the it just me or has it been really rainy lately

past few weeks in review....did the junior world qualifying trials in franklin, tn
--TT on saturday--was 12th, i was pretty pleased by that, think i could've gone a bit faster in some places but pretty solid
--RR on sunday--i still don't really want to talk about it...i dnf, maybe race report coming later

last weekend stayed local, ride sally ride, that was fun, i tried to be up in the sprint but gave too many spots in the last lap...i def need to work on this cuz i suck!

trainings been pretty good...relegated to the trainer last night after going to greenbelt then the sky opened and it got cancelled, right after a payed, damn.

tonight was nice tho got out on the tt creek/murad this weekend

also i graduate on thursday...done high school whoo!  i got a laptop today from my parents as a graduation present its really nice and silver, i think it has a camera so maybe i can figure out how to post some videos of maself talking on here, i figure thatd be awesome

by the way steven kendall is the next lance armstrong...spread the word...oh and hes my 30s man for church creek...its on...spread the word again