Monday, May 3, 2010

cant think of a title for this post...i dont have much to say...theres nothing really to say
gila definitely did not go as well as i was hoping for...put it in the books and start thinking about the next thing. quick summary i guess...first day i blew hard very hard day in the cross winds and i had no legs, throw that one out...second day again very windy this time i was ready to go for it, first climb bissell puts the whole field in the gutter after jumping 20 guys blowing up in front of me i made the front group, only 40 guys at the top of the climb and less than 10 amateurs all i could think was thank god i was on a good day, the next climb we went a lot easier and a lot of guys got back on, halfway through the stage i hit the ground took a few minutes to get up, once i got going i still had good legs and got back on after ten minutes on the rivet behind the sram car, i stayed in the front group until i came off with 5k to go when the whole bunch started to split apart, glad for the good legs but pissed that i threw it away with a shitty crash, ended up having to go to the hospital get 15 stitches in the elbow and get on a serious course of of the race was pretty much crap, not a great tt lot of pain from the elbow, got through the crit wihtout too much trouble, blair rode like a champ, last day no legs pulled out in the first feed. spent a lot of time complaining to myself, i dont think anyone else would want to hear it, over now. well thats the wrap pretty much. a lot more racing to come, i think the form is their i just need to utilize it.

new jersey on friday...thats cryptic