Monday, January 4, 2010

good weekend

had a good weekend of training here in the tucson sun. everything is going pretty well, im in my 2nd week of hte lbock here heading back to boulder on sunday. this past saturday me, kevin, and steven did the infamous shootout. its a fun group ride that starts from the university, usually prety fast and a lot of people, this week was no different. i was on a good day and had a great ride, it was one of my best days here, 6hrs total, with some good people, me and kevin took a longer route to add in a sweet climb...madera canyon. gord fraser was on the ride, he may be retired and "only" a director, but he is a beast, he won the sprint at the end and was dusting everyone the whole ride. ive always wanted to meet him and when i was riding next to him at one point i had to confess to him that pro which hes in is my favorite movie for cycling ever. it was pretty sweet moment for me. sunday we rode on mt lemmon. im having a blast out here its great. tomorrow doing quite a hard day...going to be doing a bit of a test of sorts, should be interesting well see how it goes.

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photos! photos! photos!