Thursday, March 18, 2010

it always shows up

a wise man once told me that it is always hard to that the form will come when it is missing...but then somehow it always shows up

3 weeks i wasnt too excited about redlands, well i was but i was super nervous i had a very rough february training wise and was not feeling ready for a super hard race three weeks out, but somehow hefler worked her magic once again and i came out on the other side of these three weeks in a way better not sure ive ever said it enough but sue is an incredible coach, ive been with her since 2005 and do not think i could ever work with anyone not sure anyone else could put up with my shit anyway...also equally as important as the coaching is the family avery mom dad all of them helped me keep my head straight as i had some rough patches this winter...i know i need the help i have an easy time getting my head all wrapped into a pretzel.

well the good news is in 3 weeks im feeling much better than when i last thought seriously about redlands, ive been slowly feeling better every week and this week had an awesome training week. i dont want to get too excited since the race hasnt even started yet but i will just go ahead and say i am looking forward a lot to this race, when i first found out i was going the instant plan was survival but now i think i can shoot for a little different

san dimas starts tomorrow, i wish i had been able to get into that. the first day is a 3.8mi hill climb prologue that is supposed to be a pretty tough climb, i think that wouldve been a lot of fun, hopefully i will do it next year. tomorrow is my last day of classes which is very very lucky that redlands is over my spring break so i will only be missing one day of school...monday travelling back. also, i think this time last year i did jeff cup predictions, even though i will not be there here are my 2010 jeff cup winner predictions by category:
Cat. 4: Avery Wilson
Cat. 5: Eduardo S. Maeyama
Cat. 5 35+: Fritz Mehler
Wm. 4: Rebecca Wilson
Cat. 1/2/3: Mike Stearns
45+: Rick Tucker
55+: Pete Swan
Jr. 15-18: Samuel James
Wm. 12: Christine Fuentes
Wm. 3: Katherine Klausing
35+ 1/2: Ramon Benitez
35+ 3/4: Andreas Gutzeit

Thats all for now i suppose, the weather here in boulder is supposed to take a hard turn for the snow starting tomorrow, hopefully it melts up quick


Jim Wilson said...

Nicely done. We're with you. Monday a week is special, the start of your last teenage year. Given that, I looked into coming to watch you race Saturday/Sunday, but the cross-country flight is inefficient.

Did you see that Mingo is going to CU/B? You've helped build a red/white (green?) alumni club there ... (including Allison up the road and Brown over hill).

All's good. Have a nice last day of school. Our first race is tomorrow at Vint Hill. -- Jim

K-country said...

Go Nate!!!

touch said...


The Chauffeur said...

thanks for the target, buddy. guess i'll have to save my world-shattering 800W sprint for another event, since you outed me here.