Friday, September 17, 2010

pro mountain biker

actually pretty far from pro mountain biker, more like maximum amateur hour mountain biker. but i did a couple mtb races recently, they were pretty fun, my technical skills were way worse than i figured they would be who would've guessed?! it was pretty easy to get into the mtb races, i stole my friend jesse's bike and my roomate sam who is a big timer mountain biker hooked me up with all the sweet mtber lingo. here is a picture of me getting dominated at a collegiate race.
my mtbing career has been pretty shortlived thus far, i found out pretty quick that im not the next julien absalon when i got girled pretty hard...the last mtb race we did, after the race i jumped on the road bike...which i caught major flack for from all these hard core downhillers who only cross train by gunning pbr's...and road to crested butte, which is pretty awesome. sam deidre and i (a.k.a team gold run minus anna) camped there for the night. here is a pretty sweet picture sam and i took at the campsite, to show how sweet crested butte is.
as for road biking, not much to report contemplating a serious switch to the mtb for next year, thoughts? i think im done with road biking...not done with ice cream though, that i have just started.


Chuck Wagon said...

Do it. None of this namby pamby half pregnant cross stuff. Go whole hog fat tire. It's where all the money and fame is anyway. And the chicks, too.

Get gloves. Long fingers.

And seriously, that mountain biking is pretty addictive.

I will leave the PBR out of it, this is a family site.

soskinnyilookgay said...

lay it out:

road:office parks/neighborhoods
mtb: real forests with real trees.

road: mostly flat unchallenging courses that fat guys might win. drafting.
MTB: challenging courses that you actually have to be fit to win. no drafting. mano a mano

road:crash = major damage to bike and body
mtb:crash = mud pie

road:pretentious pukes
mtb:friendly fun people with life outside of cycling.

u decide.