Thursday, December 16, 2010

watts up?

first id like to just take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of this title, it took about one whole week to think up, and i thoroughly enjoy it. also as a bit of a psa everybody should try to use the word "watts" as often as possible in every day conversation outside of biking, for example, when talking about my chemistry final i might say: "i was really putting out some watts during that test last night".

now onto some boring stuff, not everything can be as awesome as talking about watts...i finished up the semester yesterday, done with finals! feels good to be done, im not gonna lie, it was tough semester for me what with missing two weeks to race in guatemala and whatnot. its ok im taking refuge for the time being in tucson trying to shake off the stress of the semester and one day in i think its already working! should be a good training block here as im going to be here for awhile, from now until at least january 9th. i might end up staying a little bit longer.

i am not taking classes semester...i got the opportunity to go race in europe with the national team for a big block in the spring and i wanted to take it. hopefully it will go well and justify taking the semester off from school...of course thats why im in tucson making watts right now. im very excited for it...even more excited for racing stateside with cal giant, the program looks great and looking forward to doing some of the races i havent done yet like mt. hood and tour de nez. of course the most exciting race all year is gonna have to be u23 nationals, going to be awesome going 1-2 with the one and only dangeruss brown....shizzle. as for tucson, weather is looking good, and most importantly im getting lean for the shootout, the only real day of bike riding tha tmatters! i also just got some valuable intel that some ballers are in town, so the shootout is going to be awesome! in case anyone had any doubt...I LIVE FOR THE SHOOTOUT!

now go out and make some watts!

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