Saturday, April 9, 2011

Probably not going to go down as my best day on a bike.

Today we did Trofeo Edil a 1.2 in Italy. It wasn't good for me. Right before the race I found out we were not doing the race the next day, which was the one that had more climbing in it and I was really fired up for.

Instead of getting more fired up for today's race since it was my only shot for the weekend, I had a terrible mentality. I just was so angry I didn't even want to race, I don't know why but it was bad. I got in one move early and after that got brought back I just wasn't in it at all. I rode the rest of the race in the bottom ten riders hoping I would get a flat. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it was pathetic. I feel a lot better now that the race is over, but I just on an off day and I didn't want to fight for it.

I feel bad, because I've wanted the opportunity I have now for almost 4 years and I definitely didn't show that today. The people I've always admired are the ones that go out there and suffer and race with pure class, I was not one of those people today. Sorry to get so heavy, but it just feels better to write it down and get some of it out of my head.


Bryan Vaughan said...

Being honest is a show of class.

Ben Mingo said...

People only remember the races you win, not the ones you lose
The season isnt even halfway over yet and keep pedaling hard, or you could wind up back at school doing physics problems LOL