Friday, June 24, 2011


so yea its been a while, time for a little update action I suppose. I got back from europe kind of sick and had to take it easy for a bit, but it was super nice to be back in boulder training on the climbs and stuff again. I really missed it while I was in Belgium, the roads there are pretty flat. A few weeks after I was back I did the superior morgul classic, near Boulder. It was a pretty sweet race and I was lucky enough to pull off the solo win. It felt really good to get a solid result after just getting pounded in Europe for two months. Also, it was only the second senior race I have ever won, so it felt good to! I don't know how many people know this but I actually never won a race until I was a cat. 1, so every one I can get feels like a miracle!

After morgul I headed out to Hood River, OR for Mt. Hood stage race with the team. I was hoping to do well, and my form was good, but I think my lack of stage racing this year hurt me a little I just didn't have the big enough days. But overall it was a good race, I had a solid ITT which gave me some confidence and the team did super well with Staz winning the first stage and we put two guys in the final top 10 gc!
Pretty much right after Hood I headed home to VA to train in the heat for U23 Nationals in Georgia where it was definitely going to be super hot. It was a fun time at home and I did some more racing. I did the Tour of Mt. Nebo which was was super hot and just a lot of hills. I got 2nd which was solid, but Scott Zwizanski lit me up pretty hard. Then just last weekend I got to do Tour of Washington County which was really awesome because I haven't really gotten to race with any of those guys all year, and Joe does such a great job putting it on. Also, I somehow won the TT there so that was really good for my confidence...and a bit of a surprise. It was a fun race, Kelly and Harley were really smashing it and GPOA was riding really well also, it was a pretty tough race with no teammates but made for a great last hard two days before Nationals I think.

Yesterday was the TT here at U23 Nationals. Nate Brown did a great ride to win it, he's really flying right now. Trek had 3 in the top 4 which was very impressive, but Cal-Giant was really the only team to come close, we had 3 in the top 10 so that was pretty sweet! Eamon did a great ride in his first year u23 to go 3rd, Huffman was 6th and I was 9th.

Well thats pretty much all for now, the crit is today and I think we have a great chance at the win!


JAA said... forgot all about riding to school with the Wolftrap kids. 8^)

chris said...

Nice post,...Rock the crit and keep d20 in the loop via your blog please.