Tuesday, March 20, 2012

San Dimas

San Dimas had some good news and some bad news for me. The good news is, I didn't make it to the crit so I had plenty of time to do some deep thinking of what cliche metaphors about cycling to fill my blog with. Sometimes you're the hammer, and sometimes you're the nail. It doesn't get any easier you just go faster. The first cut is the deepest? Well you get the point.

San Dimas started out really well for me, I got 6th in the hill climb TT and took the best young rider jersey. It was a result I had wanted for a long time. I didn't care or know if it was going to be at San Dimas or at some other race, but the ride I did is one I've known I've had in me for a long time and I've just been struggling to get out. Over the years I've done that ride on local climbs and training rides a plenty, or on the first climb of a 5 climb race. However, San Dimas was the first time I did that ride when it mattered and it went down on paper. To have that break through ride was really good for me and I'm glad to get it out of the way this early in the season, because I'm hoping it will give me the confidence to do that ride more and more when it matters.

The bad part is that the race went 180 degrees for me and the team the next day. The second stage is an 85 mile circuit race that is historically sunny, warm and ends in a field sprint. I felt confident I would make it through relatively safely and keep the jersey. However, 50 degree temperatures, heavy rain, and gusty winds changed that for me. The race was very hectic from the start, but I was dealing with it and staying at the front. However, on the 4th lap there was a big pile up towards the front and I got caught up in it. It turned into a big mess of tangled bikes and took a long time to get my bike out and get going. I chased but a mix of maybe just not being strong enough, combined with a circuit that is not ideal to chase on as it doesn't have a caravan, led to me not getting back into the race. I rolled it alone for a few laps furious with myself until I just pulled out. It was a tough day for everyone as 2/3 of the field dropped out. However, it was very frustrating to not pull through and finish off the good ride that TT set me up for.

In short it was a frustrating weekend, but I finally today feel over it and am ready to move on to Redlands. Redlands should be good, I think we have some guys that can do some big results here so I'm looking forward to helping them out. I'm also excited to get Redlands out of the way, because in my head it marks the end of the beginning of the season, and then I can really get into some good training back in Boulder and hopefully be very ready for Tour of the Gila.


Calvini said...

Riding and writing continues to improve. Keep it up.

Bryan Vaughan said...

Nate - that TT ride speaks loudly and I know a lot of people took note. Roll with it.