Monday, January 26, 2009

Chillin...tooo chill

HAHAHA...I thought my post title was funny, just kidding pretty weak if you ask me.  But yesterady was cold...I got out for 3hrs just steady on the TT bike, it was enjoyable.  I met up with some of my mates to do this loop thats about 2hrs out in Great Falls, VA area, it was fun.  Steven was freezing so I had to give him a pair of gloves...Bradley was also freezing but instead I just laughed...because he didnt sell me his quark.  On Saturday I went up to Baltimore to do a ride with my team for this year...the Kelly amateur team, it was fun, it was snowing for a while but then subsided into just cold and wind, and rather sunny.  We got some hard stuff in and everyone is sooo beast it was awesome...i wish I could've been part of the beastliness, but I was mostly just crying at the back, under the wrath of everyone's massive power.  I should get my clothes by the end of feb. so then I can put up some sick cell phone pix of the 2009 kit...holla!  Heres a picture of me and some of my best mates after the ride yesterday...from l to r:
-Steven Kendall...2nd biggest beast for 2009 for sure
-Me...winner of 2009 Tradezone #1...dropped every race the rest of the season
-B-rad Kendall...biggest beast for 2009 for sure
-Chris Abbey...2nd freshest looking race in 2009 (sorry but I always look the freshest)
I'm gonna go get on the rollers now...cuz its cold and dark...i met take a sick video on my cell phone and post it in a few hours...just sit at your computer hitting the refresh button until it shows up.


chuck hutch said...

Oh my God. Reading your blog made me realize that I am old now. I understod about half of it this time and I am sure it made sense to everyone else.

Pete said...

ole' Dino-Chuck!

I like reading this blog because Nate writes EXACTLY the same way he speaks.

"Hey guys, I totally just invented a machine that like makes you read this in your head but in my voice. It's pretty sweet."

--the word verification says "squid" swear to god.

DJ Bike Police said...

No Chuck you aren't old. I'm 26 and I just read the post and I could've sworn I was hearing stuff from the Bill & Ted Excellent Adventures movie.

John Raley said...

OhhhKay Well. I one up errrbody by being chronologically the oldest and mentally the youngest -so.....Nate, I hear yah. I fell yah. I understand the Beastliness.

John Raley said...

Correction - Hutch is still 5 years older than me....Damn...he's like Pre-historic ;)

JAA said...

I was on this I think some props to the old guys riding with such sweet beasts of young guns. have to shout out to us old farts that ride with you....I mean I know I or we are old and such and you crush us handily...but we do ok.

Be good. Word

Older than the rest of you...