Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sooo...yesterday I did something cool.  On mondays I usually do the gym plus 1-1.5 hrs on the rollers.  I've been wanting to try riding my TT bike on the rollers, but I'd seen other guys do it and it looked hard so I didn't try.  But yesterday I decided to try and it was actually really ez...score!  So I got a nice ez hour on the TT bike on the rollers, in the bars, and it is nice cuz you can ride in the bars for a long uninteruppted time cuz theres no stop lights etc.  I had Avery take some pictures so I could post them on the blog to show my TT position.  I think it looks pretty decent, let me know what you think...I think if I could get a little lower that'd be optimal, but i have the stem slammed right now and my back is pretty flat already, plus I'm comfortable in it and making the power pretty well. 

Race season is coming!!!!!  I'm pretty pumped...I plan on being the person that crushes all the training races and sucks the rest of the season.  So when I lap the field at tradezone dont cry tooo much I'll probably get lapped a few times at Jeff Cup, but I have no problem with that!


Pete said...

in that pic you are too far forward and are using too much muscle and not enough skeleton to support yourself. Cool if you can pull it off, but you will find that your core muscles will be spending effort holding your pretty posture rather than acting as a base for your legs to push off of. If you are comfy, stay with it, but wait till the weather is nice enough to do a good workout on that rig @ haines.

Also, your bike would be cooler if you put streamers on it, like me

Nick Mulder said...

way tooo high. put ur seat back. back flatter. ur too scrunched. bars closer together. it shouldnt be comfy.

John Raley said...

If you are not sure of the position for your TT bike, invest in a Pro fit (from someone who knows TT positions). It will be money well spent....and It's not thousands of dollars either.
Mah buck fitty.

Zim aka Badger said...

Speaking of "pro-fit" - I know when Frick fit me to my road bike, I won a TT Championship. The next time he fit me to a TT bike, I had done little training, and I secured a podium at Nationals. You cannot underestimate the aero position. (Eye-muffs Jim!) And heck, you don't even have a chest to tuck in! Go see Frick.