Sunday, April 12, 2009

philly elkton morgantown

sooo its been busy the past week or so, last weekend when most people were doing tysons and walkersville i headed up to philly to do a little omnium...2 day cycling classic.  my teammates ryan, and jamie came up with me, and jacob joined us for day 2 along with shane kline of the pro team.  originailly it looked like a pretty small race but it was actualy a big field, with over 70 guys each day...jon chodroff and bobby lea from ouch, full team from empire, and a lottta pa teams.  the first day was a 2.? mile circuit race basically all flat, some undulations but all big ring, it was lotta cross winds which was pretty exciting.  Pretty fun race, we did however many laps equalled 50mi.  A got in a decent break midway thru for a few laps and got a prime.  Empire was goign pretty hard, and I was hoping there was going to be a big split and really get a hard race, but it never formulated.  Eventually the winning move went with bobby lea and two empire guys (kincaid and minturn i think) ryan was in a move going across but it never made it, they got a big gap fast, I gave a couple goes at going across but it was too late, gpoa rode on the front a lot but werent really bringing it back.  we set up ryan for the sprint and he got 4th in the field sprint so 7th.  Jamie was 13th and I got 21st!!!!!!!!  bobby lea won

Sunday was a pretty fun crit lemon hill crit, we went up the lemon hill they have in hte philly race, it was a really fun course .8 miles pretty twisty, we did 45 laps.  It was pretty fast and single file most of the race.  Empire was going really hard trying to put bobby lea in trouble, but he was totally in control.  We all took turns going in good moves, jamie got several primes.  In the middle jacob was in a good move that i thought might roll away with two empire guys.  With about 15 to go an empire guy attacked and i was on bobby lea's wheel, he went after him pretty hard, when I looked back there was a good gap, me and bobby were working but the empire guy wouldnt, eventually more people bridged up till there was ~8, then the break kinda lost the impetus, as the break was about to get swallowed, with 10 to go I attacked drawing out an empire guy (mike margarite) and a hman zoom.  with bobby not being there the empire guy worked really hard and we were riding well, evenutally greg battista on metra bridged up.  the gap was never huge but ~15s, with 1 to go mike margarite attacked and we got a little gap but the other guys were on us, the human zoom guy led out the sprint, i was on mike's wheel, greg jumped first and then mike jumped, i came around greg but not mike, the field was charging on us and lanell rockmore from the field beat me so i was 3rd.  jamie finished 9th on the day and 9th in the omnium, i finished up 11th in the omnium, and ryan it was pretty solid.

monday morning i left for elkton, va i had spring break this past week and was doing some riding down there for the week.  it was pretty nice, a tonna nice roads it was fun.

then yesterday i went to morgantown, wv for the morgantown rr.  It was fun only 12 were pre-regd but ther ewere over 50 in my race.  it was 47 miles with some solid climbs.  my only teammate was curtis.  Curtis went right from the gun and two guys went with him...they got a huge gap soon they dropped one guy.  We were going pretty slow int he bunch, on the first steep climb brian fouche (latitude) attacked and we went pretty hard over the climb and it shatttered the field, over the top in the front chasing the break was me, meidhof (dc velo), jeremiah bishop (riding for harley), and a few other guys.  On the next climb it was really steep at the bottom and bishop attacked really hard, i wasn't really ready and was slow to react i rode my own pace up and over the top it was me and meidhof chasing bishop.  We spent the next 20mi or so just trying to get him, it was sooo hard we got to within 10s behind him and just couldn't close the gap, he was right in front of us for like 20mi, meidhof was relaly motoring on the flats, i wish i could've helped more.  On the last big climb meidhof gapped me and i couldnt get back up to him.  Over the top it was ~7mi to the finish and i just put my head down and tt'd it in.  I couldn't clos on meidhof but was afraid others would catch me, luckily i had a pretty big gap.  Up front bishop caught the break and attacked straight through it...curtis dropped mckeegan from the break and soloed in for 2nd...meidhof caught mckeegan and got him for 3rd and i rode across alone for 5th.  The rest of the field came in shattered behind.  It was a fun race, hard and good workout, as me and meidhof were basically full gas the whole latter 30mi.


Ben Mingo said...

sounds like your getting close to that cat 1 status.. congrats on your finishes

Greg said...

Yeah, it's awesome you got 3rd in a crit with Empire and Bobby Lea. That's super sweet.