Wednesday, April 1, 2009

whole season ruined

well i was banking the whole season on sunday and i failed

i felt pretty good but fourth lap the gods struck me down i hit a big pothole, cracking my rear wheel and the faceplate of my stem had it just been the wheel i mightve been able to get a change and get back on, but witht the stem i could no longer ride

i cried for hours...contemplating not racing the rest of the season, we'll see, pictures possibly later


Chris P. said...

chin up man, at least you can blame it on the bike, right?

John Raley said...

Slit your wrists while your still young and good looking....

Cmon Nate, Welcome to cycling.
Remember Ephrata? Who consoled you after HE crashed out? Sh*t happens.
Wheels are replacable. Frames are replacable. Your MAD SKILLZ and passion for the sport are not.

Always Forward, Never Back.

Nate Wilson said...

haha im sooo sorry guys, i was just joking, april fools anyway :) i love racing !!! anyway i really wasnt too bummed about sunday, a little annoyed, but its only march guys so no worries, like 50+ more races this season for me!

Connor Sallee said...

after our talk in canada, i'm guessing the crying was no joke.

i'm crying right now because the weather is so bad.