Thursday, March 26, 2009

sooooo pumped!

nice!!!! jeff cup is reall soon its about to get awesome up in dat joint!

but really i am pumped for the cup, plus it looks like its gonna be pretty nice weather, especially compared to last year...only bad thing i did something to jack up my back last week so it starts hurting like 30min into every ride...sooo for anyone in the 123 field wondering why im sitting up straight and stretching like every 5 seconds its cuz ma back hurts ! and im trying ta make it feel good!  alright to more important matters gamjams did that contenders thing, personally thought it was kinda week, but whatever im now going to predict the winner for every category in the jeff cup bicycling race:

Women 123: Jen Rasmusson
Women 35+: Chris Kelley
Cat 5: Jon Hicks
Women 4: Robin Schroyer
Jr. 10-14: Andy Mount
Cat 123: Steven Grant
35+: Rick Norton
Cat 4: Avery Wilson
50+: Steve Hetherington
60+: Ron Sutherland
Jr. 15-18: Steven Kendall

I'm pretty confident in all these predictions...I do have to admit I was not familiar with the cat 5, women 4, and 50+ fields so had to make educated guesses based on name quality, but I am still confident there superior names will carry them to outright victory!

I hope everyone has been training like crazy and is ready to throw down because in my mind nothing after sunday really matters, at least to lets go out there and have some fun, my whole season is sunday basically so if you see me struggling just feel free to give a little push or ease off a fraction have fun


John Raley said...

WHY did you predict Mr Grant for victory when you should have predicted yourself!? Hello??!!
Is your Helmet on too tight or something??
See you Sunday.

Jim Wilson said...
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