Sunday, September 27, 2009

rolling along

everything is rolling along out here just fine. im going through some frustrating bike racing stuff, trying not to worry about it too much...but im pretty bad at that. some of these past days ive been pretty pissed, but everything is rolling along just fine, hopefully i get through this stuff pretty soon, without making anyone to mad or thinking i'm crazy. where i am right now for next season is making it easy to get annoyed about some races this past year, like wish i had gone jsut a little bit harder, but cant change that now.

but school is helping keep my mind off it for the time being, all that is enjoyable. unfortunately this past friday i came down with a bit of a cold, starting to get better i think, not seriously sick or anything just congested a bit under the weather, took friday and saturday off gonna get out for an ez ride today.

third paragraph--i was thinking about maybe making this blog like an in depth record of my training, for people to read---if you would like this leave a comment. cuz i think it might be cool, but also part of me thinks it would be really stupid


John Raley said...

Nathan, You have never come across as stupid. I don't think your blog does either.

So **cracks whip** Get to work!
write, bitch, write.

qualia said...

i like the training log idea. do it!