Tuesday, September 1, 2009

im crying a lot

horner crashed out of the vuelta, im pretty bummed

hes my favorite pro rider by a longshot and i was super pumped cuz he was gonna be gc leader at the vuelta for astana and probably win by like 8--0000000 minutes.  oh well cest la vie right?!
for any horner fans, or people that have any moderate taste in the arts at all i have to highly recommend the documentary pro...by far the best movie ever, it pumps me up a lot, about the philly race hopefully one day i can do this race cuz the movie makes it one of my favorite races ever...in the movie horner attacks the wall lap 10 to bottom to top, he should've won but michael barry was a jerk and ruined it, that jjerk fred rodriguez won i cant believe he denied horner victory..."horner has one almost every major race in North America, but the stars and stripes jersey has always eluded him" straight from the movie, i've watched it, being honest somewhere betweent 120-200 times.  if you want to be a beast like chris horner watch this move, thats why i watch it because i want to be a beast by chris horner

i did a fun group ride with the collegiate team today...im gonna go mtb'ing on thurs, no i wont be racing any cross...i dont have room to have my tt bike and cx bike out here and i want my tt bike so i can work on being a tt monster over the winter, we're talking sub hour for a 40k


Chuck Wagon said...

I thought you'd say you were crying because you're homesick you wuss.

What shite luck Horner has this year. Unbelievable.

susanh said...

hey beast get the line right "won" more races.. - your man CH. I gonna ban you from PRO...I thought you were crying coz you miss the Kendall at Wolf Trap last nite..he took off as soon as we crossed Rt 7 coz the Brookster was on his wheel