Tuesday, September 22, 2009

back in the day (yesterday)

i used to think i was a climber, turns out i was wrong

i stepped on the scale today, and weighed in at 143 pounds and about 20,0000 percent body fat, apparently i've really taken the off season with a vengeance

i used to think i was a climber, but really im just a fat ass sprinter...with a really bad sprint, i dont know what that makes me?

if anyone wants to drop me on some climbs at like 150w, just fly out here to boulder and have your way with me in the mountains, i will get dominated guaranteed

1 comment:

John Raley said...

Once I hit the lottery and pay off all of my bills, have vacation time, and you have free time away from class-You're on!
Oh, .....and I'm forcing you to drink when you turn 21.