Monday, March 2, 2009

picture post

I wanted to make a post, but i didnt want to really write anything, so i found some pictures from the past few races.

This is at the wolfpack rr less than 30s from the start going up the hill with the feedzone.
This is going up that same hill on the 2nd lap, the time guy is jon hamblen i think, my teammate ryan is on his wheel, the guy behind me ( i have the blue helmet) is the guy on team type1 who won the race.
This is from the wolfpack crit note my freshness:
-blue helmet
-fresh kelly jersey
-black shorts
-bike belonging blatantly to another team
dont you all wish you could be fresh like me!

At the start of the snowball crit, surrounded by team natures path
During my breakaway


Jesse said...

Time to grow some facial hair're making us all look old.

Idiot Cyvant said...

White gloves? And why did you change gloves between lap 1 and 2?

Nate Wilson said...

jt...r u honestly going to say white gloves?, liek what else would I wear...and i had to change gloves cuz they were getting hot, those blue ones breather better...duh