Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Wheels I've Got

I'm pretty lucky in that I have a pretty good collection of wheels to race on, mostly cuz of people doing me favors and hooking me up with some good deals.

I do about 75% of my races on my dt swiss rr 1.1 powertap rear wheel with a mavic ksyrium sl front thats pretty old ( i thinlk 2002) i also do all my training on these wheels.  main reason I use these wheels is because...they're decent, and i dont really like using my carbon wheels in crits cuz they're not that strong, and crack easily with a good pothole, plus i like looking at the powerfile after.

Ok so my other set of wheels for racing is a pair of American classic carbon 38, which i think is just an  old (not dimpled) zipp 303 rim.  I got these for a steal from a friedn, I like them they're really light, I just use them for road races though, and some crits in stage races cuz I'm too lazy to change the brake pads.  They're not that strong though, I cracked my front rim at green mountain last year, and had to get a new one thi swinter.

Also, I recently collected a new set of wheels, my new bike came with some bontrager race lite clinchers.  Admittedly i havent ridden them yet.  They look nice, they're very shiny, I'm sure I will ride them soon!

for TT's I got a pretty good wheel too.  At the beginning of last year I was able to score a bontrager disk for a good deal off of a time trial loathing evan fader...just kidding, but he was able to give me a good deal on it.

Then this past winter when i bought my new TT bike from lengermann he sent it along to me with a hed 3 front.

So really I have no excuses for not crushing people in every race ever this year...and I plan on it!

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