Wednesday, March 11, 2009

weekend and other stuff

Pretty good weekend...saturday me and blair drove down to richmond to race the cullops import crit in bryan park with jeff brandon...and jonny sundt from the pro team.  It was a pretty big field, i think 50.  The course was pertty fun but mad bumpy.  I felt pretty good but suffered viciously from a mechanical.  I've been very pleased with my new bike but the clamp where thte seatpost grabs the saddle rails isn't designed that well, in mmy opinion.  On the bumpy course...and the combo of me having my saddle slid pretty forward, about 5 laps in the bolt slipped and my saddle slipped, nose down, not the seatpost tslipping down.  I took a free lap and fixed it.  A lap or two later it happened again so I freelapped and fixed it again.  when it happened agian I was really pissed and decided to just ride the rest of the race with it that 15 more laps.  It wasnt that bad my quads just got really sore and I had to stand up a lot.  The race went pretty well for us...I felt pretty good, we were all pretty aggressive, I got off the front with 5 to go but came back pretty quick, the next move that went blair was in.  It looked pretty good, with 1 to go they still had a solid gap, but harley missed the move and keck baker went to the front and killed it, the pack kind of exploded into different groups or we just broke off the front of the pack, not sure exactly what happened.  Well the break got caught in the closing meters...jeff powered through the traffic for fifth, blair held on for 7th i think, and I was in there i think 13th...didnt check results but I counted on a video.  It was decent but I was pretty annoyed about my seat...when I got home I greased the bolt and tightened it way down it seems a lot better now.

Sunday me and blair went to the mountains...parked in sperryville and did a nice big climbing loop.  I felt pretty good and the weather was nice...we were planning on coming back on skyline but there was a shooting and the shooter fled into the park so they had the whole thing shutdown.  There was helicopters and I think every police car in front royal there.

Training has been goingn pretty well, not that exciting to talk about though, right now its about 7 weeks to tour of the gila, which is basically my first big objective for the season...i mean i want to crush every race, but this one i really want to crush!

Also, this weekend..friday saturday sunday were doing a little training camp down in lexington, va im pretty exicted for there especialy since i get to miss school on friday...tho rick is a teacher maybe he'll just make up for the missed day of school by teaching me a bunch of latin.  Otherwiise not much to talk about, I'm pumped for jeff cup! hope you are!


bafouche said...

I'm guessing it's one of the bontrager single (side) bolt seat posts. When I was on lsv just about all of us had the same problem. Tighten it on a regular basis, but if you have your weight forward or back on the saddle and hit a really bad bump in a race it still might move/tilt a little.

Nate Wilson said...

yeah its one of those side bolts...not a huge fan

it seems better now that i greased the bolt, but i just keep making sure its tight

Connor said...
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Connor Sallee said...

heeeeow yaaaeeeeee

gila is going to be tight.