Wednesday, December 30, 2009

good day on the mountain

good day of training today, it was in the 60's and very sunny! kevin, steven, and i headed for mt lemmon. we had an awesome climb up to mile 20, very tight and rolled straight up the mountain...looking good for a good u23 trio for next year, hopefully a good little squad for u23 natz that can a spring a big one on the teams like trek and garmin. i felt quite good today, we rolled up to mile20 then descended and i went back up to mile 10 on my own, a good 5hr day all up. Form is coming along it feels like, had a pretty bad training week while i was home for xmas but now ive been feeling stronger every day, so getting some confidecne and feeling good. even had a decent power test...but this is getting boring with all this talk of training. saw a lot of beasts on the mountain day...i think im gonna try for a pretty big effort tomorrow, we'll see how that i thought i was gonna stop talking about training like two sentences ago...i suck. heres a picture of the three of us at mile 15. dangeruss gets here on friday and then we'll have a perfect group of four for training (had to avoid saying foursome). maybe do the shootout on saturday thats the big group ride out here lots of people, lots of watts...might be fun but might skip it as it can get kind of sketch and chaotic with sometimes over 100 people.

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Jim Wilson said...

Awesome. Good pix -- 3 beasts.