Wednesday, December 16, 2009

deep thoughts in the mountains

it was a really nice day in boulder today after having a good amount of snow for a couple weeks, this week the sun came out and a lot of snow melted. today was pretty warm, got over 50 down in boulder. it was really nice and i got to head up into the mountains. i was rolling up a nice long climb out of lyons, it was pretty windy and there wasn't anyone around. alright warning, this is gonna get a little cheesy but i love cheesy jsut ask the i was rolling up this climb feeling pretty good, ya know workin shit out on the side of a mountain...and im listening to my ipod, when to my embarassment this song comes on...boulevard of broken dreams by green day. the song started and i was like damn this is embarassing, i wish i could change it but its under my jacket...and then the lyrics come, the first part is:

i walk a lonely road
the only road that i have ever known
don't know where it goes
but it's only me to me and i walk alone

and then i was listening to it and i couldn't help but feel like it went along well with how everything was going for me, i was just out training in the mountains alone, lately im pretty unsure where im gonna get with every time i think i know, my shit gets completely flipped...and for those three minutes that that weak song was playing i felt like a hard man...then the next song was some jamming 80's stuff that reminded me of this:

So that was sweet too...well thats gonna have to end the post, but if i were you i would probably
make fun of me for this if you see me in the future, so if you do so i understand


Chuck Wagon said...

Before I read this I had insomnia. Now I have insomnia and a terrible song stuck in my head.

John Raley said...

Remember, when in doubt- play "Private Idaho" by the B52's. Cheeeeez factor is already off the charts, because it's the B52's. It's also before they became too poppy to stomach.