Friday, December 4, 2009


what uppp...we got a big dump of snow in boulder on wednesday...its melting slowly it should be good to get outside this weekend, i did do some epic trainer training though during the week...ya know nothing to crazy i did like 4hrs steady on wednesday and 3hrs with 3x20' on thursday.

offseason break is pretty much over, and about 3 weeks ago i started the first real training to start getting ready for 2010, which is exciting i guess...looking forward to next year for racing should be good...everything is nailed down now so that is nice. school is going well, it's actually really chill right now, i have a few finals in about a week, but most of my assignments, papaers, etc are all behind me now. i fly home on dec 18 which will be nice, it is a very quick period between thxgiving and xmas at home till dec 26 then i fly to tucson, lucky enough to be spending two weeks there to get in some good training...renting a house with russ brown, steven black, and kevin gottlieb it should be a blast! matt cooke told me his best time up to windy point on mt lemmon was 54 minutes so im gonna at least half to halve that...also ive pretty much got the race schedule for 2010 planned out, i'll basically be racing by myself through the end of april since ill be out west, but then come back and race the rest of the year with the team...planning on some good events....rough outline of the schedule looks like this:

-some collegiate
-maybe valley of the sun
-some more collegiate
-san dimas
-redlands (if i can find a team to ride for since its team entry only and kelly isn't going)
-maybe a little more collegiate
-some local CO races
-finish gila
-bear mountain
-crits on east coast (wilm, kelly, basking ridge, maybe somerville)
-some mo crits (r-mond, csc...hopefully pro race and airforce)
-elite and u23 nationals
-page valley
-green mtn...if i can swing it with school

and then basically over


Sigberto said...

you gonna do collegiate nationals?

Jim Wilson said...

I think Madison would be cool. If you can squeeze it. I spent some time there when I was your age ... -- D