Monday, December 28, 2009

75th anniversary

yesterday had a pretty good 5hrs legs didnt feel incredible but getting some volume into the legs so that is good. today did a pretty easy 3hrs on mt lemmon. weather is nice, it was cloudy today but still upper 50's so very easy to do the excuses out here for not doing the work. tmorrow im doing a bit of a powertest shoudl be pretty good i hope, not sure what kinda number i can do...hopefully its over 200 watts or i might be pretty devastated. upcoming weather forecast looks very nice, hoping to do the shootout on saturday should be pretty good. well not much to talk about i dont know what i started writing about on this blog when i started it i feel a lack of material right now. well heres one more thing. ill throw this out here in case anyone can help. im hoping to race redlands in march...its pro/1 but team entry and invite only...lsv is not going so i am looking for a team to ride for. if anyone has any contacts/leads let me know id be happy to send my race resume along and talk. send me an email at

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