Monday, June 29, 2009


fun race!  i was nervous cuz it was raining while me and blair were riding out and i really didnt wanna do it in the rain, but by the time we raced dit was all dry

blair and i were the only lsv guys there, so it was kinda exciting, normally this race seems to split more or win in a breakaway so we were very aggressive covering moves...nothing really got too much ground tho, ended in a field sprint which we didnt fare too well in...dave fuentes won, the picture looks like he dominated everyonee as well, thats a tough sprint...but then agiain i think every sprint is tough

im leaving tomorrow for fitchburg, very excited for the jrs race...hopefully good legs, they took out mt wachuset so im interested to see how the race plays out now, definitely be riding for a break in the rr...also toying with softpedaling the tt to stay fresh and just go for the points jersey....thoughts?


Ben Mingo said...

nah, you should try to beast the TT.

Greg said...

go for GC!

Cabs said...

Sprint points FTW

Jim Wilson said...
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Nate Wilson said...

dont worry guys the gc plan is in works...and dad---
they took out the finish on mt. w, but you still go down that descent every lap as it is on the circuit...taking out mtn top finish becasue they tore up the road to bury electrical lines, after very rough winter