Tuesday, June 16, 2009


pretty fun weekend of racing, this past saturday/sunday..kind of

saturday i did the church creek tt...did the jr race 20k, pretty nice course...very flat.  i felt pretty good, feeling solid on the tt bike...did the 20k to keep prepping for natz where for jrs its always 20k.  would've preferred to have gone and done the rr in pa that day, but i wanna keep improving my tting to hopefully have a good ride in the next few tts...ive got the washington county this weekend, then after that fitchburg, then the red river gorge, then nationals...had a solid ride in tn and felt good on saturday so hopefully it keeps improving and i win nationals by 18 minutes in the tt.

sunday was murad rr.  wasnt that thrilled with how i rode, but it was a fun race, blair was in that break that went right away with i guess dave fuentes and a richmond guy.  once it came back it was just a lot of attacking till the end...i had a good time being pretty agressive but nothing really got any ground in the last few laps, i had a good go the last time up partnership and had a decent gap but then got brought back on river, luckily the nortonian war machine pulled it all together and got 4th in the downhill field sprint...his specialty.

i havent seen resutls any where from murad yet...doesn anyone know where they are i kinda wanna know what place i got, even tho it doesnt really matter, since i was just in the bunch not top 10 but id like to see.

if i havent mentioned it yet...im going to kentuky about a week after fitchburg for a sweet jr stage race down there, it is 4 days 5 stages i think it is uci so a lot of good teams from US and abroad.  i am on a composite team...4 mabra guys then 2 guys from colorado, we have a pretty good team i think, and will hopefully crush some fools..team is:
-steven black
-kevin gottlieb
-stephen koelbl
-robin eckmann
-andrew barker

i think one of the stages for sure has a lot of climbing in it...hopefully i can go well...the winner of the gc gets an auto bid for the worlds team so def gonna have to do that


John Raley said...

Time Trial Beastness.

See you this weekend.


fermionichadrons said...

murad results: