Thursday, June 11, 2009

be going

thats right things be going

this week has been kinda annoying with the it just me or has it been really rainy lately

past few weeks in review....did the junior world qualifying trials in franklin, tn
--TT on saturday--was 12th, i was pretty pleased by that, think i could've gone a bit faster in some places but pretty solid
--RR on sunday--i still don't really want to talk about it...i dnf, maybe race report coming later

last weekend stayed local, ride sally ride, that was fun, i tried to be up in the sprint but gave too many spots in the last lap...i def need to work on this cuz i suck!

trainings been pretty good...relegated to the trainer last night after going to greenbelt then the sky opened and it got cancelled, right after a payed, damn.

tonight was nice tho got out on the tt creek/murad this weekend

also i graduate on thursday...done high school whoo!  i got a laptop today from my parents as a graduation present its really nice and silver, i think it has a camera so maybe i can figure out how to post some videos of maself talking on here, i figure thatd be awesome

by the way steven kendall is the next lance armstrong...spread the word...oh and hes my 30s man for church creek...its on...spread the word again

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John Raley said...

Ichi Ban! (that's numbah wun in Japanese)- Congrats on graja-matate-ing Mutha F**kah!!!
Now yer off to 'Kolij' where all women will LUV you .......and there are things to learn (In Spanish it's pronounced "va-Hee-Nah")
Who cares if you DNF'ed in the road race. Blah....
You have come so far in so short of a time **sniff** that you make MABRA **sniff** so ....proud **sniff**....and Steve-oh....meh, he aint you.
Rok it!
And beat your 30 sec. Man.