Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sweet ride

got out for a little spin this morning...and decided to ride somewhere i dont normally ride...the toepath next to the canal.  Its pretty sweet cuz you can ride on it for who knows how long without
any interruptions, and its nice and flat perfect for recovery rides.  i got on the path at chainbridge
and rode it out to great falls, it was pretty sweet once you get a few miles away from dc, you start getting some really nice views of the river, and past carter rock the canal kinda ends or something and theres this big nice lake thing with rocks, i took a picture of the river from a little bridge, there was this awesome ragin got me pretty pumped so i took a picture, yeah!

then i just rode on the roads back in, but it was a nice little 1.5 hr i wanna do more training on the seems perfect for endurance miles.

its kinda nasty out seems soo rainy lately, like 80% of the past 3 weeks its been rain im guessing it feels so rainy, very annoying...but its been nice on the weekends, hopefully it doesnt rain this weekend for tour of washington county

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bafouche said...

If you stay on the toepath long enough it'll dump you right at the crit course on sunday.

Toepath rocks during the winter