Thursday, June 25, 2009

washingotn county stage 2 and 3

stage 2 was the boonsboro 20k tt...not much to say...jacob had a great ride 4th on the stage (26:29 I think) to move into 1st overall in GC.  Pete cannell won...25:02 IT hink, hes pretty fast ive decided...i figured i would be able to hold 2.5min gap on him, but i was wrong...i rode 27:36 and dropped into 4th GC, but held off frick, etc.  I wasnt thrilled with my tt wasnt bummed, still top 5 on gc so that most important, thats nice part to time GC vs. points.

stage 3, williamsport crit...ive raced this crit 3 times now i think, turning into one of my favorite courses...i really llike courses like this, reston, etc.  Tough, technical, fun!  we went in to protect jacob's lead since he had only 11s over chuck.  It came out well, Ryan Mckinney and Nick Bax rode away from the field to secure 1-2 it was good for us because it ate up the time bonuses.  Cannell didnt start the crit, so I moved up into 3rd to finish the stage race, I was a little bummed cuz I only would've been like 10-15s behind him going in, so I would've liked to battle for it, but this was easier I suppose.  I finished 11th on the stage.

This was a big race for us as a team I think, obviously big winning the GC, but also stacking the GC, we had 1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, not too bad! 

I'm in boulder, co right now for college orientation and it is sweet, killing me tho seeing the mountains and not having my bike, think were going to go hike tomorrow tho, even tho i hate walking...but it'll be nice to be in the mountains.  I fly back Saturday, will miss poolesville, but ill be at reston and I am pumped I like that race and last one before fitchburg!

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