Saturday, June 20, 2009

washington county stage 1

today was the first stage of tour of washington county, it was pretty fun...we did 10 laps of the smithsburg rr.  the field was pretty big with all the normal local guys...except for only 3 harley guys so that was kinda different.  it was absolutely pouring when our race started...the first lap i couldnt see anything i had to take off my glasses cuz they were getting fogged up, and it was really freaking me out.  there was a fair amount of attacking...blair was going at it alot, i kept trying to get in a move...moslty just cuz i was super scared in the pack with all the rain and jsut wanted to get off the the end of the first lap my teammate jacob was off the front, chuck on harley attacked and i got on his wheel and we went across very quickly, the three of us started rotating, and i think in all the chaos the field shut down a bit, we got a pretty big gap pretty quick.  for a while there was a group of 3 ~30s back but they never made it up...we just kept rotating the whole time and eventually the gap went out pretty big to like 3'.  i felt pretty good, but it was tough...jacob was riding really good.  we let it come down to a sprint among the three of us, chuck beat jacob and i got 3rd gapped off like 10s the field came through i think another 2:30 or soo.  So it was a good day for kelly and good day for myself...jacob is an excelllent tter so hopefully he can move into the lead and hopefully i can hold off the firepower behind me.  on maybe the 5th lap or so i saw chris kelley out on the course in her car and she cheered that was cool!  i think jeff b finished pretty high up in the field sprint, so its looking good for gc.

20k tt tomorrow and then crit inthe afternoon...the crit has a lot of time bonuses so that should be interesting.


Greg said...

yo dude that's awesome! I can't imagine that was an easy breakaway to be in.

formind said...

Nate - much respect to you! Well done indeed!

Matt Neigh