Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cascade stage 1

today was the first stage of cascade...it was a 70mi rr, the smithrock rr.  it was pretty fun, it was mostly flat with a 2k or so climb in the middle before the feedzone.  i felt pretty good, it was very fast lots of time in the 14 with the junior gears.  i tried to hold pretty good position while it was hard, the climb was nice we didnt go too hard but definitely not ez up it.  the feedzone was the only part that sucked i got my musette but it was going really fast through their and bmc split the field i think some came back but like 15 guys stayed away.  i just finished same time in the bunch...so solid, first nrc in the books (or first day).  tomrrow looks pretty tight, 80mi with a 10mi climb to the finish, hopefully good legs tomorrow.  i think ben jacues maynes won the stage today.

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