Saturday, July 11, 2009


im writing from bridgeport, wv as we're spending the night here on our way to kentucky.

today i did the hagerstown crit, it was the crit chmaps.  it was fun, the new course was a lot more fun i thought than the old course, I really like it.  the team rode verywell, very agressive really stacking the brakes and definitely wouldn't have missed a break if it stucked.  there were a lot of good breaks ithought something might stick eventually but ended up a field sprint, we set up jeff and he came up with a solid 3rd.

the big bad news, is that blair went down really hard in one of the corners and unfortunately took the impact primarily with his face.  he had to go to the hospital, got some stitches and a broken jaw.  i feel really bad for him...unfortunately hes going to have to miss cascade now, which is a big shame because he is really coming on now and with two nrc stage races at fitchburg and gila under his belt i think he was going to go really well, but i guess he'll just have to win green mountain instead.


Pete said...

broken we see him back soon!

Sigberto said...

Your team was racing incredibly well and darn aggressively throughout that race - keep it up. Hopefully Blair will be back kicking everyone's butt soon enough. Really a bummer.