Wednesday, July 1, 2009

from hazleton

im in hazleton pa right now, we drove up to here last night and were driving the reest of the way to fitchburg tomorrow

i got my cat 1 upgrade so that is sweeeeetttt!!!  im pretty happy cuz this was my one overarching goal for the whole season, so now that thats done im probably just gonna take the rest of the seasosn off and train for next season....good luck to everyone at fitchburg, see you soon!


Drew Armstrong said...

Congrats nate--good luck up in Fitchburg.

John Raley said...

Ju so Fuuuniee.
Datz why I liek Ju, main.
Hey main,
Ju be kareful at Feeechberk, main.
Doze vatos are tuff, main.

Viva La Weeelsone!!!!!!!!!