Sunday, July 26, 2009

cascade stage 5

last night was the crit---it was 90' in downtown bend, pretty straight forward course, 4 corners flat, with long straightaways.

I got decent staging in the middle...not much to say i basically just sat in the whole time, i would've liked to go in the front and be more active but i couldn't really move up i was just sitting in line the whole time.  didnt feel too bad, i felt pretty comfortable, but at such high speed and it was lined out the whole time it was tough for me to move the last 30' more little gaps started to form, eventually i was caught behind this one guy who kept opening a gap everytime out of the last corner, so finally with like 8 to go i went hard on the outside of the last corner...too hard i was a little out of focus i guess, and hit my pedal at too much of an angle and crashed.  it was kind of embarassing to cause a big crash probably like 15 guys went to the all the people who crashed sorry to all the people who were already dropped and got to free lap because of it, you're welcome.  got back in and the legs were hurting after freelapping, the last few laps i was in the back and gaps kept forming, but i was able to keep jumping around them, eventually with like 1.5 laps to go i cracked a bit and just had to roll in off the back.  it was pretty fun...good to get the first nrc crit under the belt i guess...hopefully i can find the front next time.

today is the final stage, an 83mile circuit race, im not sure what the course is like, should be fun.

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kate e flore said...

"freelapping" nice. Always thought there should be a term for how junky your legs feel after sitting in the pit. Congrats on your great ride at Cascades and good luck at nationals!