Friday, July 3, 2009

rollin dat circuit

yeaaa boiiii today was the second stage of the fitchburg jr race, circuit course 3mi circuit big hill...jrs do an epic 7 laps, straight baller!1!!1111111!!!!!1!!11!!1!!!1!111!1!

i figured it was probabl gonna be a field sprint as it usually is, but decided to give the breaks a go anyway.  first lap was crazy, the course was slippery and in poor condition as usual...i think there were like 3 crashes just on the first lap, then second lap was much more calm, there was a big break the 2nd lap, i bridged up but then it got caught...after the hill onthe third lap, hot tubes had a guy off the front...i bridged up in the woods and another hot tubes guy came with, we got a little gap and just started rolling it...eventually one other kid came up...i felt rpetty good and hot tubes shut the field down behind and we got a pretty solid gap....luckily we stayed away to the finish.  in the finish i got stuck on the front going into the hill and tried to take the sprint all the way from the hot tubes kid came around me, so i took 2nd on the stage, and was able to move into 4th on gc...pretty pleased with that, but i wouldve really liked to win the stage...also i'm 2nd on points, thats funny. so now im like 7s from 2nd but 36 from first, i really wanna make a good stab at taking the jersery tomorrow but the hot tubes kids are looking tough to beat, interested to see how it goes


Cabs said...

what happened to sprint points FTW? sick post. congrats on the podium today boi!!!

Nate Wilson said...

oh yea sprint points ftw! im in 2nd in points right now, gotta make my move in the rr

Idiot Cyvant said...

rock it!