Thursday, July 2, 2009

fitchburg stage 1

ohhhhh yeaaaaa tt was a pretty quick one, 14.3 k's, my time was 19:35.  I felt good...i was nervous cuz i'd been kinda sick since sunday and wasn't sure how i was going to feel, but i felt quite doing the jr race up here in was quite a fast course...some rises, but nothing steep, all big ring in the bars.

pretty big field, 67 i think, a lot of good riders, so ive been looking forward to it as a test pre-nationals and just a big race as well.  in the end i placed 7th on the stage, fairly pleased with that, would've liked top 5, but it's very only 5s out of the top 5, and 15s or so out of top 4.  

tomorrow is the circuit race, which is one of my favorite race courses is 3mi with a tough hill in it, we do only 7 laps in the jr race, which makes our race look like a joke but it is fun...there are time bonuses on the line, so maybe try and pick up a time bonus and move into the top 5, but the real shuffle will probably come in the rr...soo im excited to see how it goes.  

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John Raley said...

Krazy Nate is in dah Hizzzouse!!!!!!!!!!!

keep it up Bro.