Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It was cold! today.  I was gonna do some intervals but I really didn't want to ride on the trainer.  So I bundled up and went down to hains point.  It would've been fine, cuz I was wearing plenty of clothes, I wasn't cold, but becasue of school I couldn't get out on my ride till 3:30 and I ran out of light.  It was really annoying cuz I couldn't read the timer on my power tap so I was supposed to do a 4min effort at the end and it ended up being 3.5 cuz I thought it was over.  what a pain.  i guess Im going to have to concede and ride the trainer, during the week.  I don't mind the cold, thats what clothes are for, but with the lack of light its a real pain, if only I didn't have to go to school and could just ride during the day.   The sunset was pretty cool today, but I didn't take a picture of it.  Instead I took this picture of cars on GW parkway on the bike path overpass to Roosevelt Island, it looks alright.


Nick Mulder said...

Seriously weak. Dude why the f' are you doing 4 minute efforts????

And if its cuz ur a beast, ok I understand.

Nate Wilson said...

well theres always the fact that im a beast, but let me break it down for you

4min is the essential bike racing effort, you really don't get that many efforts in a bike race that are any longer or shorter than 4minutes...i mean honestly what is the last timee in a bike race you did an effort that wasn't +/- 4min, i cant think of anything

Nick Mulder said...

ummm a time trial?

a 180km road race riding at 85% for 2 hours?

bridging up to a break over 10km?

escaping in the last 5km? (dutch nats)

4min is totally pointless, especially in november. get ur base and work on your ftp.

4min efforts are for crits, crits arent important if you wana go pro. gota be good in rr's.

4min efforts is v02 if ur doing em right, thats what u do them in the weeks up till when you peak. And if ur doing less than 100% you might as well do ftp, which is the real bike racing effort. who cares about 4min unless youre on the track....

point made.

Nate Wilson said...

unfortunately all your arguments are incorrect

but good effort

-_- said...

what cha need to do is ebay that ridiculous power meter and start coming to the point for a good dose of 2-Speed (aka 'the hutchet')at noon. 330 is when hurting 40somethings on there P3z are gaying up the place, but you fit right in with your timed efforts and such. power meters dont work at noon because all the blood coming from your eyes is blinding you. seriously man use the cash for music and harden the fuck up

Avery Wilson said...


It's called training on your own.

It's called being hard and doing
PRODUCTIVE training instead of stupid group rides and being like oh man "I did a group ride" therefore, I = the man... -.-

If you think being hard is "winning" a group ride rather than doing specific and precise training and having the restraint to perform the intervals correctly then you're missing the point.

What's important is training as well as you can, and proving yourself by winning some races, NOT SOME DUMB GROUP RIDE.

And yeah 4 minutes are good for crits and yeah that is the "essential" bike racing effort if you LIVE IN MABRA not Holland Hahaha. Ufortunately, the Mid Atlantic doesn't have many epic cobbled 180km road races where people ride all out and attack each other constantly right from the gun :) MABRA is sort of lame compared to Maastricht I guess haha

-_- said...

So MABRAs the dream eh? sad really. I was thinking he wanted to go pro and in that case i was just suggesting that he might possibly want to take advantage of that fact that D20 has some experienced domestic level pro riders to train with. its frustrating when you see kids with obvious talent getting trapped in this numbers haze. you guys need to be going out and having fun busting balls! not riding alone with your gizmo of the week. come punish all the wanna bes on the group rides. laugh about it. ride shitty wheels and heavy bikes and boast about it. make it hard as hell for yourself and you will dominate.
its you thats missing the point when it comes to group rides. you dont go to win them. u cant win there's no finish line. you go to simply jam like musicians jam together. its all about rhythm and pain. what you need is a mentor that can pedal properly not some computer. you need to follow the basics and leave the numbers for later.
Watt meters are a scam perpetuated by the recent 'remote' coaching business. they are a high level tool that is intended to sharpen an already sharp fully developed pro athlete. its not going to make you faster. right now you just need to stay skinny and develop a strong core. but youre right what do i know im just a cat4. have fun staring at your screen..[crawls back under rock]

Avery Wilson said...

No I was being serious when I said MABRA is lame compared to Holland. You think I would rather live in city where juniors never get races longer than 45 minutes and only like 20 people show up?

I was being serious haha :D

Nate Wilson said...

mr. smiley face thing, you seem to be so smart so why don't you please identify yourself so i can put this good advice to a face, and maybe train with you
btw i do the area group rides ive been to noon at the point, usually im in school though, i go to the 10am etc. and i definitely don't plan on making mabra my life, i travel around to races a lot this summer i went to canada to do a week long uci junior stage yeah!

-_- said...

i cant reveal my identity because of current contract negotiations but heres were i get all my training information. if you want to get fast like me.
the fast way to fastness

Nate Wilson said...

wow very dissappointing, i thought you were more man than that