Friday, November 28, 2008

New Shades

So I just got back from The Bicycle Place shop.  It was the first time I had been inside.   I had a 50 dollar gift certificate for the shop so I went there to make some purchases.  I told myself literally out loud before I went in that I wasn't going to spend over 50 bux.  However once I got in there I lost control of myself.  Before I knew it I was trying on some sweet Giro sunglasses and handing the guy my debit card to pay the extra 80 dollars.  So yeah my new sunglasses are sweet.  But I have some other sunglasses I went to sell:

Tifosi Q3 (white) with 3 sets of lenses (clear, yellow, dark blue) and hard carrying case and soft carrying case-- $40

Tifosi Q3 (orange), limited edition Jittery Joes can't buy in stores, with smoke lenses and carrying like soft bag thing-- $30

Rudy Project Rydon (black with red earpieces) with 3 sets of lenses (dark blue, dark red, racing red-clearish) with hard carrying case and soft carrying case-- $70

Also I have Rudy Project Syluro lenses if you have those glasses they are dark blue.  Also have a hard carrying case and soft carrying case, but lost the frames racing in Canada.  For just the lenses-- $10 for the stuff together $15

I'm willing to negotiate on prices, so if you're at all interested email me at and I can send you pictures and stuff, please buy these glasses!  If I don't here anything pretty soon, I'll probably try and sell them on ebay.

Here are the glasses I bought today:

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