Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vicious Sesh

So yesterday was the first day of Computrainer classes out at Spokes Etc in Vienna.  I taught a 4:30 class after school, which is kinda fun, I get to just ride on the rollers while I'm teaching.  Then I rode the 6:30pm class on the computrainer hard to get my workout in.  I felt decent, but thats not really interesting.  What is interesting is the picture below, of the 3 mile TT we did at the end of class...there were 7 other people.
That number 1 under Nate W, well we all know what that means...yeah thats right, chalk one up for the victory column, right next to my proudest wins right alongside of Juniors Day Out!...oh yeah!  I would say it was a pretty prestigious win, below is a picture of some of my most fierce competition:

In other news tonight I will be hitting up the gym.  I like to do this twice a week in the offseason to accentuate how jacked and tan I am.  I try to make friends at the gym but usually whenever I get within 20 feet of someone they just run away fall to the floor and beg for mercy, oh well.

I think it is going to be nice this weekend, probably get out for some long basemiles followed by lots of eating.  And score its a four daay weekend for me this weekend.  Tuesday is Veterans day (I think) and Monday is senior skip day!


booradley said...

Oh fastest time on the 3 mile is 12:31...hopefully i can grow up and be as strong as you one day

Nate Wilson said...

you might wasn't so long ago that my best time was youre coming along, eat those vitamins and maybe you to can jump over a fence

Nate Wilson said...

Nathan you're a dumbass.