Friday, November 28, 2008


I kinda lost track and havent done any posts in a while, I wanted to do them more regularly but I choked, weak.  But more fun is my buddy Russ Brown was back this week from Durgango, CO for thanksgiving break.  ON Wednesday we did a long ride out to sugarloaf it was pretty fun, but kinda windy/cold, but we had tailwind coming back so that was awesome, and we averaged around 40mph.  

Russ just got back from altitude and all the big mountains in CO, and was acting like the loaf was gonna be nothing for him.  I warned him the loaf took no prisoners and documented the journey.  Here is a picture of Russ at the bottom of the vicious climb:
Going up the climb I was dominant but Russell was able to cheat and sprint around me at the end.  I took this picture at the top of the climb to document Russ post climb:

Unfortunately this was his biggest victory to date :(

Finally I thought I'd give my loyal readers a little view into what it's like to be in my position, one of sure dominance.  I sit there look at my powertap and just continue to shock myself with my inability to break 100 watts.
I strategically took the picture in a manner in which you can't see the face of the Powertap.  For anyone interested in more in depth analysis of my powerfiles and training can email me and make a check out of 20.00 USD per file to Nathan Wilson....well worth the money I think.

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