Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nice Weather

The weather has been really nice lately, at least I think it is nicer than it is usually this time of year, i am very happy about that.  I'm sure in a month or two, maybe a week or two?, the weather will seriously suck and i will be bumming...I'll probably give up bike racing and pursue ballet or something.  But since the weather is nice, I'm still giving this sport a go.

Today I woke up early to go ride the computrainer out in Vienna, it was pretty good, not really going too hard on it yet, but starting some hard stuff.   I actually feel like I'm riding really good right now so hopefully I don't suck when the race season comes around...though I've always kind of wanted to be that guy who just massacres people on group rides and sucks in the race season.  I've decided that once I get to masters 40+, one year I'll not race the whole summer and just train like I would as if its the offseason then from November to January just go and crush people...thatd be awesome!

Tomorrow I'm gonna ride long with some friends, probably out to Sugarloaf, I like doing that.  I think the riding around here is really good, especially like last week we went out to like Buckeystown area and there are some really cool dirt roads, they're sweet.

I'm pretty pumped because when i went to the the grocery store today they were serving thanksgiving food like stuffing and turkey, which was aweseome, and in a few weeks my buddy Russ gets back from college for Thanksgiving break so we can go down to skyline and climb, cuz climbing is boss!  Also, this weekend is boss cuz Monday is senior skip day and Tuesday is Vet's day so I have a four day weekend.  I think I might've said that in my last post so if I did I'm sorry, but i think I didn't

Finally, I have a set of American Classic carbon tubular and the front rim is cracked.  I am trying to get AC to hook me up on replacing it cuz I don't have much money, but I don't know if thats going to work out (probably not).  So if you have some carbon tubular wheels you are looking to sell, for not much money, email, I might be interested.

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