Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bike Path

Cuz of the elections I didn't have school today.  So I thought I'd hit up a little bike practicing.  I took my sick nasty new TT bike (picture  below) out on the bike path (pictured below) to get aero.  My position is so aero on my new TT bike, I averaged a mere 48 watts but yet my average speed was about 32.4 mph, not bad for the flat to rolling terrain of the bike path.  But in all serious this was my first chance to ride this bike outside since I bought it from Lengermann last weekend...I hope it causes my competitors, such as Adam Leibovitz, to cry.

On a more serious note after Nationals when I was in California I crashed and strained my hipflexor.  I continued to race it on through September basically just trying to ignore it.  So by the time the offseason started it was raging pretty hard.  I've been doing a lot of exercises/stretches to help it get better and it is almost back to 100% so with that out of the way I think I might do some cross races.  I did two in October, but once I realized they somehow weren't making my hipflexor feel better I had to back it off.  I think I'm gonna race the tacchino cross in Leesburg in a couple of weeks, we'll see.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start doing the winter Computrainer classes.  I train on the CT out at spokes in Vienna and teach classes twice a week.  That is really nice cause I get $$$...but not so nice cuz this year instead of spending at all I'm supposed to save it for college (weak).

I'll this post with saying that I did my training ride today in a long sleeve skin suit...is that bad?  why do people only race in something so fresh?


Happy Cyclist said...

Yo Nate!

Taking pictures of your bike while out on a solitary ride...when will the bike take on the name "Wilson"?

Nick Mulder said...

nice bars dude.

how much u get that setup for?

Nate Wilson said...

1500 and with a hed 3 trispoke

Avery Wilson said...
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Pete said...

Skinsuits are acceptable if you are also implementing some rediculous/badass training devices, such as parachutes, or cinderblocks tied to the seatpost.

Nice bike. We should ride tt bikes together.

Idiot Cyvant said...

I think it's really cute that your mom posts comments on your blog natey-poo!

Nate Wilson said...

thanks i think its pretty cute as well

Author said...

nice TT ride Nate. i'm sure your blog won't suck, your to eloquent with your words.

John Raley said...

I'm Jealous.

Must re-vamp the CSK .......and actually do some time trials.

Sweet ride.

Oh, and don't forget to rest if you're broken, you doh-doh.